Brand Story


GKS LC Cosmetics are
basic types of cosmetics products made from the new extract of the flower, Lychnis cognata
and the cosmetics ushering in a new era of brand cosmetics.


Lychnis cognata is a mysterious perennial herb categorized in Caryophyllaceae,
found on the East coast of South Korea.

Lychnis cognata blooms the orange follower during July and August.
In spring, their sprouts are used as food; their stems and leaves
which are called Jeonhara in folk medication are used for medicinal purposes.

GKS has patented the whitening and anti-wrinkle effect of Lychnis cognata
for using it for beauty industrial purposes.

GKS directly controls the cultivation and production of Lychnis cognata, which was used only as a wildflower,
for use as an industrial material, and for the smooth supply of our raw material.

The effective components that we extract from Lychnis cognata demonstrate a strong antioxidant effect;
furthermore, we discover its ability to restrain the generating process of freckles.
We guarantee you that Lychnis cognata has a very high utility value as a natural beauty element.


The effect of Lychnis cognata?

There has been research presenting that Stachisterone D which is also extracted from Lychnis cognata
has an effect to enhance the moisturizing function of the skin, and therefore effective in wrinkle improvement.

Our product is very eco-friendly as we extract our main component from the crude plant, Lychnis cognata.
Therefore, it has not only a low chance to develop resistance to our product but is also hypoallergenic.

The extract for Lychnis cognata has the inhibiting effect on two main components: Tyrosinase and Elasrases.
As Tyrosinase and Elasrases are hindered, Lychnis cognata activates the whitening and anti-aging component in your own skin.


We will get back to you with more various products.

Thank you very much for your attention.