CEO Greetings

Founded in South Korea in 2016,

GKS is favoured by the Royal Family thanks to its main ingredient,
wild flower called Lychnis cognata that is grown up in Gangwon-do Province.
Based on Lychnis cognata, our natural products provide our customers with mild sensation to the skin;
furthermore, they are suitable for the sensitive skin as well.

GKS has been highly recognized by its nature-inspired simple concept and its high quality of products.
Our recognition can be proved by our products located worldwide
including in Asia, Middle East, Europe, and the duty-free shops in Korea.

Our researchers in KIST endeavor to enhance our brand value
and to add up the beauty of nature in South Korea to our products.

GKS was established in 2016 with the motto ‘Make the beautiful female be more beautiful’.
To align with our main motive, we have produced anti-aging natural products without any skin irritation,
using world recognized Korean cosmetic producing skills.

Women all over the world prefer to be natural beauty rather than be covered up by various shades of makeup.
We consider that true female beauty comes from clear and nice skin.

We will develop our brand into a cosmetics brand that can satisfy the wishes of all women seeking beauty.

GKS promises to make the best product in the world.

GKS Co., Ltd. CEO
Son Ja Young